A cryptocurrency firm offers 10% to whoever stole 160 million

Digital assets have been living their crypto winterwhile the hackers they do their cryptoaugust. The latest case has affected the wintermute cryptocurrency market maker. As the CEO of the company himself has announced, Yevgeny Gaevavia Twitter, they have stolen cryptocurrencies for 161.43 million euros.

In his thread on the social network, Gaevoy has pointed out that the hack has affected their DeFi tradingand not those that have to do with CeFi and OTC.

He emphasizes that the company is absolutely solvent and investors’ funds are completely safe.

However, to the pawnbrokers of wintermute It makes it clear to them that, if they feel safer recovering their money, they can do so without any problem.

90 types of cryptocurrencies affected

In the words of the CEO, 90 assets have been hacked, but only in 2 of the cases has the theft exceeded one million euros and in no case is it greater than 2.52 million. Therefore, says Gaevoy, “there should not be a massive sale of any kind.”

In the web alexandra, with data obtained from the cyber security firm Hacken, the assets that have been stolen the most are Somnium Space Cubes and Mapple Finance. The rest of tokens hackeduntil completing the top 10, are Curve Finance, E-Radix, Yield Guild Games, Lido, Shiba InuSynthetix, FTX and polygonal.

Wintermute offers 16 million to the ‘hacker’ as a reward

Following the Twitter thread in which Gaevoy announced this cryptocurrency theftpublished another 2 tweets in which they assure that they are willing to solve what happened in a simple way, although this window of opportunity is closing.

For this reason, he affirms that they offer the hacker a 10% reward on stolen funds. In fact, they propose to the attacker to transfer the stolen funds through the exploit. “Save 16 million,” she asks him.

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Wintermuteas they state on their official website, is a leading global algorithmic market maker in digital assets. “We create liquid and efficient markets on centralized and decentralized trading platforms and off-exchange”they affirm.

Currently, Wintermute provides liquidity on more than 50 trading platforms and exchanges of cryptocurrencies.

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