A 56-year-old grandmother becomes pregnant with her son to have a grandson

A grandmother will give birth to her own granddaughter. Nancy Hauck, 56 years oldhas offered his son to be the baby’s surrogate mother which is on its way in the face of difficulties due to the health of his daughter-in-law.

As told in the first person to the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’, Nancy made this decision upon learning that the wife of her son Jeff Hauck, Cambria Hauck, undergo a hysterectomya surgery that involves removing the uterus.

Cambria, very moved, valued the effort and sacrifice that her mother-in-law is making for the whole family. “It was so beautiful to watch Nancy take our sweet little girl because she knew how complicated the process could be and I doubted it would come true“.

Her son was also very grateful to his own mother. “I have a completely selfless and lovingthat I was willing to make that kind of sacrifice for my family.”

The whole family was aware of the difficulty of the process and came to doubt that it was possible. Nevertheless, science has wanted Nancy to be able to enjoy her third grandchild in a few monthswhich on this occasion will be generated by herself.

“I had to do it”

“Suddenly I had the feeling that I should offer to do it,” Nancy Hauck detailed in the previously mentioned interview. The reactions in the Huack family were immediate. “My son first showed surprise and ended up crying profusely”. In addition, the grandmother and surrogate mother confesses that her own husband was unaware of her decision at the time.

The process began in February, when Nancy received the frozen embryos from Jeff and Cambria. At first, she doubted her health status, since It was 26 years since her last pregnancy.. “It was kind of scary,” she explained. With everything, the doctors said he was in perfect condition and that he could do it. “And here I am,” she jokes.

Nancy has had five healthy pregnancies in her life. Some of her other children were a bit anxious about her mother’s health, but they all bought into the idea and are excited for her family to expand.


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