: 9 skills that a manager must have to become a good leader ::

The recent COVID19 pandemic has paved the way for a unique but completely unexpected opportunity for companies: to transform an extreme crisis into an unbeatable opportunity to find new growth paths for both organizations and their managers.

In recent months, business leaders have had to take on multiple unexpected challenges, not only in moving their businesses into the future, but also in supporting staff, vendors and customers during a period of great uncertainty. . For this reason, wyserthe Gi Group Holding firm that offers Executive Search and Selection solutions, has defined the qualities that an executive must have in order to become a good leader:

  • Strategic thinking. Being strategic thinkers with a global vision is an essential requirement. This includes having the ability to guide an organization with a clear vision, but always in an agile and effective way when responding to market changes and external factors.
  • Goal management. Each and every one of the business lines that make up a company must have a strategy based on a purpose, be linked to the values ​​of the company and have leadership at the center of all its initiatives.
  • Analysis of data. A key element when making decisions is data. These must be supported by effective systems and a team with the capacity to analyze them in a way that facilitates informed decision-making at any time.
  • Digitization. In an age where digital transformation is advancing so rapidly, the Internet of Things offers endless possibilities to improve a company’s operating model. Therefore, no one should forget the power of digitization and its scalability.
  • Motivation. Senior executives must have certain skills to motivate their teams and get the best out of them. In fact, employees must feel valued working for a shared mission of which they are a part, understanding that the company also respects the balance between work and personal life.
  • Organization and ability to delegate. The ability to prioritize, manage projects and know how to delegate is what makes it easier for senior executives to have enough time to work and develop strategies in a constant mode of task execution.
  • Conflict resolution. A good leader must have the ability to manage complex work situations in a professional and informed manner, as well as establish a defined path.
  • Experimentation. Those who bet on constant innovation know that doing so inevitably implies making mistakes and taking risks.
  • World-class team. To be successful, it is essential to attract and retain a diverse team that brings the necessary skills to drive the company’s mission and vision.

“At the moment we are living, marked by fickle environments, the role of business leaders is key. Therefore, executives must lead with trusted content under the commitment to offer truthful and reliable information but always with the human experience at the epicenter of the response given to the needs of employees and customers, without forgetting a search for improvement. of the society”ensures Mauricio Jimenez, Managing Director of Wyser

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