55 Cancri e, the strange planet whose surface is a layer of diamond

A few years ago, a group of astronomers discovered -during one of their investigations- a planetary system which they called 55 cancriwhich is located 40 light years from our planet and that it has a radius twice that of the Earth.

The discovery of planet 55 Cancri

One of its peculiarities that scientists found was that the planet was composed -almost entirely- of carbon. Its surface was graphite surrounded by a thick layer of diamond instead of water and granite as in the Land.

“The star 55 Cancri had a carbon-to-oxygen ratio greater than one, which helped motivate research that the innermost planet in the system was thought to contain more carbon than oxygen,” explained Johanna Teske, who was responsible for the study. research.

Likewise, the person in charge of this investigation added that, probably, this planet has atmosphere: “This planet is probably rocky or has a large rocky component. I don’t really know if it has an atmosphere.”

Another characteristic of this place is that there is neither day nor night. One hemisphere of this planet faces space, while the other side of the planet never stops facing the sun. Finally, another piece of information they gave based on their investigations was that 55 Cancri does not have water, but it does have a substance very similar to this.

This is not the first time they have found a “diamond” planet

However, it is not the first time that a “diamond” planet has been found. Jupiter and Saturn, for example, are both that have similar characteristics.


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